Thursday, March 26, 2009

~Getting Back on Track~

We had so much fun this past week end!! Our friends from Tn. left around noon on Monday. We hated to see them leave. The plan was to get back to sewing on Tuesday, but on Sun. night, my 12 year old started not feeling good, and by Monday, we had sick kids. :( Of course our youngest had to pick up the bug as well. Grace (the youngest) was able to go back to school yesterday, but poor Hillary was still just to weak to go back. We are hoping today she will be well enough. So, hopefully today I will be able to get back at some orders that I need to get finished, and I will have enough time to get some things listed on LPS for the first. I'll let you know my progress as it gets closer. We are having such rainy, dreary days here right now, so it will be easier to stay inside and get some work done. I really need to get out in the flower beds again, so I'd better get lots done....there are all kinds of things popping up around here, and I have no idea what they are, being that it is our first Spring here. It'll be exciting to see what comes up, and hard to keep the girls from picking everything!! You know how little girls and flowers are! ;) Well, time to get them up for school and start my busy day. Blessings until next time~~Jackie


Karen said...

Hi Jackie, seems when kids get into school age and are in groups all day long it's a battle over just trying to keep them well.

Glad you had fun with your TN friends....I LOVE having company - it's my chance to play B&B host which I dearly love.

I found your blog through Robby, very, very nice!
Thanks Robby!!


Karen said...

I just added your blog to my blog list and started following you.