Sunday, November 6, 2011

Update is Coming!!

Good morning!!! Well, the show was just wonderful yesterday!! I'm sure the internet is buzzing about all the wonderful things & people that were there!! It was so good to see old friends, and meet new people. I will post some pictures of our booth tomorrow. I am getting e-mails and messages about the things I have left from the show, so I will be taking some pictures in a little bit & updating our Picture Trail. You will be able to see them sometime tonight. I will send out an e-mail when it is all ready. Blessings~~Jackie
UPDATE!!! I just added 4 new patterns to our Picture Trail!! There are 3 new Santas (St. Nicholas, Sinter Klaas, & Pere Noel) along with a primitive Wool Trees pattern. Right now you can only purchase them from me, so please e-mail me at to purchase them. Thanks~Jackie **St. Nicholas is shown**

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