Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Day For Update

Well, I have been working like crazy, but just finished my orders I've been working on, so I won't be able to do my update until Sunday night. I'll write again to let you know when it's ready. Here are a couple of pics of what I made for 2 shops the past 2 weeks. After my update, I have 2 more smaller shop orders, and then I will focus just on the Settlers Fare show coming in April. Have a great day everyone!! Blessings~~Jackie


Lori said...

oh my girl, you have been busy!!! Your goods are as special as ever! Seeing it all together like that makes me want to scoop up an armful!!! LOL

T.F.C. Folk Art said...

Thanks, Lori!! Well, after tomorrow they will all be gone! It's such a good felling when orders are done! Just 2 more to go.

Sherry said...

LOOKING GOOD My Dear!!!!!!

The Queen

T.F.C. Folk Art said...

Thanks, Sherry!!