Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Patterns & Update

Hello everyone~~ After many computer problems, I have finally been able to get a few new things listed on Lemon Poppy Seeds, and have 2 new patterns available on Pattern Mart & my Picture Trail. The links are all on the left side of this page. So, if you have a minute & want to see what's new, just stop over on those sites!! The new patterns are Olde Horsie & Prancer, and they are both available in e-patterns & mailed paper ones. Well, it is only a little over a week to our first show, and I am busy as can be!! I am hving a hard time getting all the things finished that I wanted to, but think I will have a pretty good variety of items. I hope to see some of you there!! Also, if I am a little scarce on the computer, it is because we are moving into a new house right after the show!! I KNOW~~~nothing like stretching my self thin!! (I wish that really worked!!) Right after the move...I have to get going on the Simple Goods show!! I will write more about that another time, though. I need to get back to work. Blessings until next time~~Jackie

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