Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update Coming Soon

I just wanted to let you know that I am hoping to update my LPS shop on Friday. I need a little more time to finish up a couple more things. I've been in the "Americana" mood, so look for mostly red, white & blue!! I will have to throw in a little mustard & brown too, since a lot of people seem to still love them as well.

Along with working on orders, updates and things to put away for my shows this Fall, the girls & I planted a few seeds to plant in pots and we plan to have a small garden. Here is what we have so far....the girls are so excited every day to see how the plants are sprouting up. It's amazing how they change so much in just a few hours!! We planted mostly things that I can use in my art... okra, corn, herbs & such. We are having lots of fun with this, since we haven't planted anything in a few years. As soon as it gets warm enough, we will be making some flower beds, too. I do not have a green thumb, and know next to nothing about flowers & plants, so this should be fun. We have lots of shade in the back, so if any of you have suggestions as to what flowers work best in shade, please let me know!! Blessings until next time~~Jackie