Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Plants Are Shooting Up!

I can't wait to get these outside!! I can't believe how just a few days can make such a difference. It's time to get some potting soil and get some of these in bigger pots! This has been such a fun project to do with the girls. They check on them first thing every morning. I wonder if it will be so exciting when it comes time to pull the weeds?? For some reason, I think I may be alone in that part of the project. :-) That's okay, I need to get out of the house and outside more often, and most of them will be in large pots, so that should save on my back and knees. Well, I am off to get the last details done on some orders so I can get them shipped out and start on my new orders and work on some more new items. Have a great day!! Blessings~~Jackie


Cindy B said...

OK...what are they going to grow up to be?? ( the plants that is..LOL) No doubt the children will love planting things as mom does. I am also starting some plants inside..can't wait to get out and play in the dirt! Easter Blessings, Cindy

T.F.C. Folk Art said...

Hi Cindy~~ They hopefully will grow up to be... cherry tomatoes, reg. tomatoes, okra, parsley, sage, rosemary, mini pumpkins, watermelons & corn. We don't have room for much, so it's mostly stuff I can use in my art. Easter blessings to you, too!!

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Hi Jackie! Wow your plants look great...I'm sure your family will help you out again when it comes time to harvest! There is nothing like fresh tomatoes. I love all your flea market finds also...isn't it great that its that time of year again?? Happy Easter to you...wishing for sunshine! Warm hugs, Jenn