Friday, April 24, 2009

~~Happy Friday Everyone~~

Boy~~I have had problems getting on my blog all week!! Thought maybe I had lost my page!! But here it is again....probably has been giving me problems for a year now, but it is all I know, so I am afraid to change everything over to something else. Sure would take care a lot of my headaches if I switched internet services, though. I've just been busy working on orders, and trying to get a little yard work done around here. I will work more on orders & things for my shows this morning after I get the kids off to school, then I will be back outside for a while enjoying the 80 degree temps we are supposed to have today!! Derek has to go to Indiana for work today, and won't be home until around 8 or 9 tonight, so I'm hoping to get lots done before he gets home. Tomorrow is Prom, so it will be another busy day. Maybe I will be able to just relax on Sunday for awhile. Well, I'm off to start my day~~~Have a great week end!! Blessings~~Jackie


Janet - underthewillow said...

You have a great weekend too Jackie!....I will be inside with the air conditioner on because it's supposed to be near 90 for about a week and I can't stand the heat! Janet

Karen said...

Glad you got your blog page back...that would freak me out too! Isn't it something how attached we get to this computer and our programs? LOL

UPON A HILL said...

Hope that you had a great weekend. Love your dolls!!!