Thursday, February 5, 2009

~~~~And the Winner Is~~~~

Now I know everyone usually takes pictures, but I am coming down with the same "junk" the girls have had this past week. Actually, I wasn't feeling well all of last week end, and missed the Super Bowl, and now since this afternoon I am getting that achy feeling again, and am going to crawl in my nice warm bed and hope to wake up feeling better tomorrow. So.... having said all of that, I had Hillary draw the name and the winner is ~~~~ Kim of Simple Needs.~~~~ I want to thank all of you for playing along with me. I hope you all keep coming back to visit. I am thinking I'll be doing something special again in May. Until next time....Jackie


Janet - underthewillow said...

Congratulations to Kim!....and I hope you feel better Jackie! Janet :)

simple~needs said...

i am so excited!!
thank you!!!! thank you!!!
i hope you get to feeling betetr soon. :)
stay warm, kim