Thursday, January 15, 2009

~Running a Little Behind~

Okay, so I was doing so good last week, but this is a whole new week!! We have been getting such bad weather here!! First we had the freezing rain, and now it's the snow. It's certainly nothing like we are used to coming from WI., but we did get spoiled living in Tn. for a year!! The kids have had several school delays and early dismissals, which is totally throwing me off!! I have my little routines, and this week, they are all messed up! Oh, well, that's what happens in life. So, after saying all of that, I have not been able to finish my LPS update today, but will have a few new things in a couple of days. Today is Derek's birthday, so I have plans that do not include baking dolls in the oven!! I will let you know when I get my updates finished. Until then, take care & stay warm!! Blessings~Jackie

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