Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Show's Almost Here!!!

Well, today has been very busy, and we will be working well into the night to get everything packed up & ready to head to Mt. Vernon tomorrow!! We haven't done a show in a couple of years, and I had forgotten how much work is involved. Now, we just have to keep praying that the weather will turn out better than they are forecasting!! Well, my break time has just about run out, but I promise to post pictures of our booth & tell you all about the show on Monday. We are going to have a room with a hot tub in it & relax all week end!! Blessings~~Jackie


Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Jackie-Looking forward to seeing you at the show. I can't wait to see your booth. I will take some picture for my blog and post them for everyone who did'nt have to same great opportunity that we have.

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Best wishes! I'm sure you will sell out. Blessings, Jenn