Sunday, October 26, 2008

Working Hard

Good morning!! I am working hard getting orders finished and things made for the upcoming show. My fingers are so sore right now, but I am finally seeing some progress being made!! Only 2 more weeks to go!! After the show, I have a couple of orders to get done, and then I am hoping to take some much deserved time off!! I need to get at all of the Fall cleaning before it is Winter!! The dust bunnies are multiplying faster than ever around here. I do have to say that my children and hubby have been wonderful with helping with the everyday things around here, but they just don't do the deep down cleaning that needs to be done! Sooooo....when the show is over, and the orders are all done, I will try to tackle all of those little things that have been adding up around here so that the house will be nice and clean & crisp for my favorite time of the year...the Christmas Season!! Time to get out the flannel sheets, cranberry candles, pack away the summer clothes, etc. and settle in for the winter. I may even make a thing or 2 for my own house. After about 14 years of making dolls and other things, I only have 2 of my dolls in my house!! I call them Derek & Jackie, and they sit on a chair together holding hands. :) I will try to get some pictures taken soon of some of the things I have been working on and post a couple of Pre-views for you. Until next time, be blessed!! ~~Jackie

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