Friday, August 10, 2007

Big Move

Well, we have been busy making our move from Central Wi. to Eastern Tn. It has been quite the experience. Intially we all wanted to head right back home, but we are adjusting better now. The kids start school on the 15th, so that will help. We are out in the country, and they haven't been able to make any friends yet. It is so beautiful out here, so I'm sure once things settle into more of a routine, we will love it here. It has been extremely hot and humid, but I hear it has been that way even back in Wi. We are all looking forward to the warmer winters, although we will miss the snow for Christmas. I'm hoping to be able to share more on here once things get more settled, and share lots of pictures of places in the area and some of our most recent work.


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Lorraine said...

Hi Jackie! So glad to see you posting! I'm happy you're getting settled in!! Hugs to you!